Special Projects

As both a community and diplomatic organization, the Bellevue Sister Cities Association does its best to positively impact the the communities of Bellevue and its respective sister cities.  A project that has been near and dear to the heart of the Bellevue Sister Cities Association is our work with the Liepaja Special School, a school dedicated to meeting the needs of school aged children with special needs.  With a memorial fund set up by the family of Ann Knofel, a former and rather active BSCA member, we have engaged in a multi-year project to enhance the educational experience of students at the Liepaja Special School through the creation of a fun and safe playground.  Details of this work can be seen below or by viewing this PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to the efforts already being provided by BSCA to enhance the lives of the children at the Liepaja Special School, we also support and encourage others to support BSCA member, Zaiga Phillips as she seeks donations to improve the lives of special needs children in Liepaja.  Click here to donate.

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